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Water preparation systems

Is the best solution for producing primary grade water or general laboratory grade water at two types of flow-rates of 10, 20 liters per hour. It offers you convenient operation and reliability at a low operating cost. AquaMAX Basic System uses a RO(reverse osmosis) process to remove particles, inorganic salts, organic material and bacteria from tap water. The tap water is carried through a pre-filter to remove the larger particles and the pre-filtered water flows into a carbon filter housing to remove chlorine.

High Quality Pure Water

- Automatic polishing system performs for 1 time every half hour

- After permeation of reverse osmosis membrane, the purified water contain less than 1% of the contaminants in the feed water.

- Carbon filter removes organics, inorganics and residual chlorine.

Cost Effective Water Purification System

- Low energy consumption and low water consumption

- Low maintenance cost

- no need of regular cleaning

Easy-to-use and convenient maintenance

- intuitive keypads and simple operation for you

- Pre-filter, active carbon filter and deionizer filter are placed the exterior for easy changing filters.

The best solution for High quality water preparation up to 18.2 MΩ/cm suitable for PCR, 2D electrophoresis and all critical cell culture. The instrument integrate a precise resistivity measurement which is able to sense the change in temperature dependent resistivity and temperature compensation. 

LCD display : System conditions and function in viewable on 16 characters x 2 lines

0.22 μm filter(made of Durapore PVDF membrane, polycarbonate housing ) for final removing process of bacteria and particles.

HP-Pack(High Purity Pack) for organic-free water of maximum level of 18.2 MΩ/cm

Silent operation : Noise free under 40dB

Automatic water recirculation every 5 min. 

Flow Rate : 0.8 ~ 1.5 l/min ( Depending on Hydraulic Pressure )

 Resistivity : Up to 18.2 MΩ/cm

 Power : 220/110V, 60/50Hz

 System composition : Main system, HP-Pack(High Purity) cartridge, 0.22um final filter


AquaMAX Basic

AquaMAX Ultra

Easy maintenance as all cartridges are easily exchanged

No need of expensive maintenance

Extremely low running cost

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