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This instrument adopts highly integrated pipeline design, with multi-function sample needle, relying on precise and flexible mechanical arm to improve sample preparation efficiency and bring you convenient and easy working experience

Number of channels and control mode: 1/2/4/6/8 multiple channel combinations

Continuous processing capacity:Maximum continuous processing capacity of up to  52 samples

Robot arm:X/Y/with  H axis to move the slider

Sample pump:Sampling accuracy, solvent corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance up to 1Mpa)

Sample needle: 316L stainless steel, solvent resistant; unique side-bottom opening to ensure full

sample loading and sample treatment process

SPE 100 / 200 / 400

Advanced automatic solid phase extraction

The injection needle and the extraction column are sealed by a universal plug sealing structure and equipped with H-axis pressing block to ensure good sealing.

The suspension structure is adopted in the test tube bracket, which ensures the positioning accuracy of the manipulator to the greatest extent.

The instrument standard router can be connected by WiFi or network line, which fully realizes the whole process of automation and unattended.

Using modular design, only one communication line and pipeline can work between modules, and it is convenient to replace and maintain.

Add emergency stop button, when the instrument is abnormal, manual operation can be emergency stop, to maximize user safety.

 Handwheel adjusting origin greatly saves the time of adjusting origin.




SPEX00 (customised)






Channel independent control

 1 /2 / 4 / customised: 6 / 8

Sample nb

up to 52

Syringe pump capacity

20 ml

Flow rate

1 - 120 ml / min

Repeated arm position accuracy

0.5 mm

Volume accuracy

0.1 ml

Nb of different solvents

up to 8


Wirless (WIFI) , ethernet /LAN

Level sensing

Yes with liquid level follow up

Waste solvent treatment

Different channel of waste solvents are managed

Positive pressure

Each channel are separately monitored

Methodology of column treatment

Continuous process of different schemes


Cleaning line with needle inner and outer cleaning

Dimensions L x W x H

Robot  XYZ arm

680 x 580 x 670 mmm

Main control station

300 x 450 x 255 mm

Solvent station

300 x 450 x 155 mm

Net weight

70 kg

Clear overview of the samples and SPE enrichment columns

All processing parameters are easy to define in complete treatment method

Sample treatments can be followed clearly on screen, avoiding wrong elution and mistakes.

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