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Analysis method: 

Halogens :

Oxidative decomposition, High sensitive Coulometric  titration, Automatic electrolytic current control




UV Fluorescence



Silica tube combustion


Silica tube combustion and catalyst


Silica tube combustion


1100 °C at the maximum

Samples to analyze:

Solid, Liquid and gaseous samples

Measurement range

UV fluorescence Sulfur

Solid: 0.05 - 10000ug/g   Liquid: 0.05 - 5000 ug/ml

CLD -Nitrogen

Solid: 0.5 - 5000ug/g    Liquid: 0.2 - 5000 ug/ml

Coulometry Chlorine

0.01 - 500 ug ( 0,1 - 5000 ug/ml )

Coulometry  Sulfur

0.05 - 50 ug (0.5 - 500 ug/ml)

Sample size

Non aqueous sample

50 ul (or up to 100ul with option)


30 mg ( or up to 150 mg with option)

Measuring time


3 - 10 min  simultaneous Sulfur and Nitrogen


< 10 min.


Argon and Oxygen


Complete set

For Microsoft Windows 7 prof. 32 bit, including calibration  test and QC functions, reusable calibration curves, recalculation and GLP functions.

NSX-2100 Sulfur analyzer

NSX 2100 instrument is a modular  high sensitive instrument for Sulfur analysis in solid and liquid samples.

Starting with a basic configuration, you can complete the instrument step by step and stay fit with your investment.

Combined with an intuitive software, it’s easy to define a sample list and work in full walk away mode.

You can relay on displayed analytical performances as they are based on real samples analysis and not clean standards without normal sample matrix.

Day after day, you can relay on this instrument and use your time in other specific analytical works

Typical applications and certified methode:

Petrochemical, Refinery Products & Fine Chemicals
Gasoline, Diesel & Jet Fuel
Ethanol, Biodiesel & Alternative Fuels
Gases & LPG
ASTM D4629, D5176, D5453, D5762, D6667, D7183, D7359,
DIN 38409, EN ISO 20846, EN 15486, ENV 12260
UOP 936, UOP 971

The NSX-2100V follows ASTM, EN, ISO and JIS Methods protocols.


The NSX-2100V can simultaneously measure Nitrogen (CMD) and Sulfur (UVF) from 20 ppb to 10,000 ppm.

Add the TRU-100 (Trap & Release) and lower your detection limit of sulfur to 5 ppb.

Add the Microcoulometric Detector (MCD) and measure both Sulfur and Chlorine by Oxidative Combustion Microcoulometry.

Futhermore, add any of the five Gas Injector Systems to measure Nitrogen, Sulfur and Halogens (Chlorine) in Gases and LPG, easy and cost effective.

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