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Smart NDIR  detector

Measurment range CO2

10-9990 ppm

measurement range temperature

-10 -80 °C

Humidity measurement range

0-99.9 % HR


CO2 : +/- 70 ppm +/- 3%    Temperature  +/- 0,6 °C   HR: +/- 3%


CO2 : 1 ppm     Temperature  +/- 0,1°C     HR: 0.1%


</= 0,5 %

Response time (s)


Working environment

0-50°C and 0-90 % HR non condensing

Power supply

AC 230V  / 9V 2A adapter


9V , 350 mA


388 x 288 x 43 mm



Desktop air quality measurement,

CO2 level, temperature and humidity monitoring

This instrument is detecting carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, and humidity present in a defined space.

 It is widely used in industrial production, hotels, shopping malls, office conference room, libraries, storage warehouses, airports, train stations, biopharmaceuticals,  school laboratories, libraries, hospitals, agricultural production greenhouses and everywhere  who a check of  the air quality  and environmental conditions is needed.

As the dimension of the display is 388 x 288 mm with only 43 mm thick, this measuring unit is perfect for a long distance view

Checks for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations

Maintenace free NDIR CO2 sensor

Indoor CO2 Monitor displayed in ppm with Good (0-800ppm); Normal (800 to 1200ppm); Poor (>1200ppm) indication

Visible and Audible CO2 warning alarm  

Desktop and Wall-mounted

Measurement ranges:  

CO2: 0~5000ppm

Temperature: 32~195(0~90)

Humidity: 5~95%RH

Max/Min CO2 value recall function

Built-in storage for continuous data logging (from 5 secs to 1 week)

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Large display air quality monitoring

388 x 288 mm  large display