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Why  did we send you an information Email ?

Basically our approach was to avoid to disturb our customer, in the fact, when You receive each day many phone call to promote new products or  to ask for an appointments, the disturbance will be much  greater than an information Emailing you receive in your Email box.

You can manage your time,  take time to read the information when you want  and You can do your job without to fight against “time killers”. If our products are interesting You, please don’t hesitate to contact us !

Of course, in order to send You the most valuable information, we also created a questionnaire in order to define Your specific interest, so You can help us if You fill up this form and send it back.

Of course if You don’t want to receive our Web Info and didn’t want to hear about us anymore, no problem, check the corresponding box and we will unsubscribe You as soon we receive your mail. .

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