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The AS650 is the first fully automated modular flow splitter for HPLC and LC/MS

The QuickSplit AS650 Automated Flow Splitter finally takes the guess work out of flow splitting.


Push button control eliminates the need for tedious adjustments and flow measurements for flow rates as low as 100 nL/min.

 The AS650 is compatible with all HPLC systems and connects with standard chromatography fittings.

 The modular design of the AS650 allows the unit to be used in a plug and play fashion.

 The autosplitter connects to any HPLC system between the pump and autoinjector.

 Once connected, the AS650 will deliver programmed split flows ranging from 100 nL/min. to 250 µL/min.

 If your applications calls for a return to analytical flow rates, simply disconnect the unit and return the HPLC system to normal operation.

Split between 2 or more detectors such as Mass Spectroscopy and evaporative light scattering,UV, or IR. This is especially important when one of the detectors is destructive, such as Mass Spec and ELS.

Reduce the flow rate from the column to a lower flow rate that the Mass Spec can work efficiently at.

Chromatography methods are often using flow rates of 0.5 to 2 mL/min., which are too high for most Mass Spec.

Flow splitting is a way to reduce the flow rate down to flow rates suitable for the Mass Spec.and Mass directed fraction collection.

Only a small portion of the outlet flow from a preparative HPLC column is splites off and then combined and diluted with a makeup-flow.

 The resulting makeup- flow is used by a detector, typically a Mass Spectrometer, UV, or other detector to trigger fraction collection from the remaining preparative flow.

The Adjustable Makeup-Flow Splitter can be used to maintain a constant split flow over an inlet flow rate range (select "Variable Prep Inlet Flow and Fixed Split Flow" from the left menu).

The Adjustable Makeup-Flow Splitter can also be used with a constant inlet flow rate thereby allowing the user dynamic control over the split ratio and split flow rate

QuickSplit™ Fixed Flow Splitters

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