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AOX-200 analyzer

With its fourth generation of TOX/AOX/EOX Analyzer Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech have created the AOX-200.

AOX-200 follows EPA Methodology (Activated Carbon Adsorption / Oxidative Combustion/ Microcoulometric Titration) for the measurement of TOX/AOX/EOX in surface water, ground water, wastewater and soils.

The front accessible titration cell and the open vertical furnaceand  40 position autosampler give to this instrument all the performaces needed for all  up  to date environmental lab.

 The AOX-200 meets DIN, EN, EPA and 40 CFR methodologies as well as ICR (Information Collection Rule) and DBPR (Disinfectant/Disinfection Byproducts Rule) measurement requirements.


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AOX-400 analyzer

AOX adsorbed on activated carbon is pyrolyzed at high temperature  in a quartz combustion tube. Combustion gases containing hydrogen halides are forced through a dehydrating tube and subsequently adsorbed within the electrolyte in a coulometric titration cell.

Within the titration cell the halogen ions are quantified by an argentometric coulometry. The amount of chlorine is calculated from the quantity of electricity required for the formation of silver ions.

HCI + Ag+ ➔ H+ + AgCI (Titration)
Ag ➔ Ag+ + e- (Electrolysis)

The gas is moved by application of suction pump all over the installation, so that no leakage of sample can occur. Using this technology, the residual vapor of acetic acid from the titration cell is destroyed at high temperature into a so called deodorizing tube, placed close to the pyrolysis oven.

Nittoseiko's AOX-400 Automatic Organic Halogen Analyzer measures organic halogen in river water, industrial wastewater, and soil via shaking method, column method, and EOX.

Advanced autosamplers provide flexible combination of different modes easily and in a very small footprint

ISO 9562, DIN EN 1485:    Water quality-determination of absorbable organic halogens , AOX/EOX.

EPA 9020, ICR (EPA 814-8-96-002 for QC):  Total organic halides , AOX - Column method.

DIN 38414 part 18: Sludge and Sediment-Determination of adsorbed organically bound halogens, AOX -Shaking method

Measurement principe

Main advantages

Official method compatibility

Measuring sample

River water, Industrial wastewater, Soil

Sample forms

Solid (AOX: activated carbon adsorbed liquid sample), Liquid (EOX: extraction solution)

Analysis method

Oxidative pyrolysis/Coulometry

Furnace temperature

150~ 1000 °C (Regular use: 950° C)

Sample introduction

Introduction to the open top pyrolysis tube type falling drop / AOX: Extrusion injection of activated carbon adsorbed sample (Column method) Drop frit with activated carbon adsorbed sample (Shaking method).

EOX: Direct injection by syringe

Measurement range

Total organic halogen: 0.1 to 50 µ1g

Sample volume

AOX sample: 50mg or less, EOX sample: 200 µL or less

Measurement time

Within 10 minutes/measurement ( 2 µg sample measurement)

Number of samples

Frit: 30 samples

Column: 60 samples

EOX: 40 samples (Size: 2ml vials with septum)


When using AIR-200 module, air gas is not required.!

AOX: Air (800mL/min)

EOX: Air (l00mL/min) + Oxygen (300mL/min)

Operation Condition

15 to 35 °C, 75%RH or less (no condensation)

Power supply

AC 100/115/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 960VA

Dimensions & Weight

AOX main unit:  (W x D x H) : 460 x 420 x 570 mm,  37kg

Sl-400:  W x D x H) : 190 x 400 x 410 mm, 7kg

AIR-200: W x D x H) :  l00 x 400 x 220 mm,  5kg

Device control and data processing

PC, Printer: compatible with OS W7, 8, 10

Main characteristics:

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