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The New TOX 300 is a Total Chlorine and Sulfur analyzer using oxidative combustion microcoulometry.

The Model TOX-300 follow the tradition of quality established by the TOX 100 and sets the standard for performance for Total Chlorine/Sulfur and Nitrogen Analysis.

Using a simple two piece titration cell,  a programmable Auto Boat Controller (ABC) and a 50-position XYZ Autosampler, you get a fully automated system.

Easy to use with a user’s friendly software, it’s the ideal analyzer for today’s environmental and petroleum laboratory.

Using the 20-position solid autosampler it’t the perfect configuration for total chlorine in solid samples like in coal (ASTM D-6721) while the optional ND-100 Nitrogen detector can measure total nitrogen below 1 ppm.

Fully compatible with ASTM, EPA and Standard Methods protocols, the NSX-2100 is the instrument of choice for the measurement of Total Chlorine, Sulfur and Nitrogen in many applications.

TOX-300 analyzer

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