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TecDev can provide you   technical and maintenance services on all the instruments sold in his program  and also on different other brand name.

We propose it on call base or on service contract base.  

You are searching some information about our instruments, need special servicing parts, need urgently a service, then remember that we are on the other side of the phone..... you can also use our mobile phone, live a message on the voice mail , send mail or fax You need a special instrument for your application ?

 If you want service your instrument yourself, we propose you a huge choice of spare parts at best price, please take a look at the servicing parts page or contact us by mail !

Contact us, we can find together some solutions and provide you unique samples or small series.

If you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at +41 (0) 24 435 22 02 or send us an e-mail at  asktecdev@hispeed.ch

On the same way if you are not happy with a service or if a problem occur, please call us to wipe out the problem,  we will make all our efforts to improve our services accordingly

If you are happy with our services, first of all, say it to your laboratory neighbors and working friends and then contact us, we also happy to know it ! . 

If you need a service scheduling or a recall,  click here and fill up the form