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SH420 Graphite Digester adopts advanced high-temperature infrared  radiation heating technology and microprocessor control platform for accurate temperature control and quick temperature rise.

 It has two kinds of temperature rise mode: linear and curve temperature rise mode

It’s offers 20 digestion programs for control of temperature rise curves.

Our optional neutralization system has many functions such as triple filtration, condensate recovery of exhaust gas filtration.

The instrument is build with  high-quality anticorrosive pumps,  running at low noise.

At the end of the process the tubes are automatically lifted up and the system goes in coolingdown program

This instrument is the perfect choice for small to medium quantity of samples.


20 positions graphite block,  have longer life after special anti-oxidation and corrosion resistant processing.

It use advanced insulation technology is  eco-friendly designed to reduce energy for warm up.
Advanced PID temperature control technologygive a high accuracy heating up procedure, up to 400ºC in less than 25 minutes.

Temperature control model:

Program control, curve and linear temperature rise.

Multi-protection, over-current protection, high temperature warning, overload protection.

Control display:

 5.7” color screen, easy for use.
The SH420 can pretreat for microwave digestion or remove acid after digestion.
The standard configuration comes with waste gas collection hood.

SH420 Hot Block and Graphite digester

WD03 Option module for waste gas collection

SH402 Exhausting gas absorption option

Specification / Model:




38 x 38 x 25 cm

38 x 56 x 25 cm


20 kg

35 kg

Power supply

240V /4A

240V /6A

Sample capacity



Sample volume

50 ml

50 ml

Temp. range

Up to 150 ºC

Up to 150 ºC

Sensor type

Type K

Type K

 Digestion vessels are certified for low metals background.

- Lined caps ensure a leak-proof seal.

- Accurate graduations eliminate the need for graduated cylinders and transfer steps.

These carefully engineered digestion vessels provide premium performance in your HotBlock or AutoBlock. Vessels are molded of clarified homopolymer polypropylene, providing a higher working temperature and greater chemical resistance than commonly used co-polymer polypropylene.

Environmental express graphite Hot Block

Laboratories have been using ProWeigh Filters since 1990 to reduce labor costs, improve accuracy and provide quicker reporting times. These pre-weighed filters from Environmental Express are a convenient and accurate way to perform Total and Volatile Suspended Solids.

ProWeighs are ready-to-use filters for TSS and VSS that eliminate all hands-on filter preparation. All preparation steps including filter washing, drying, desiccating and weighing are already done for you. With ProWeighs, all you have to do is filter your sample, dry it and take the final weight.

Preparation Is Done For You

All ProWeigh filters are prepared according to Standard Methods requirements. These 1.5µm porosity borosilicate glass fiber filters are vacuum rinsed three times with 20mL aliquots of reagent-grade water to remove loose fibers, then dried at 105°C, cooled and desiccated for 24 hours.

Filters are Pre-Weighed and Ready To Use

After preparation, ProWeigh filters are robotically weighed to the nearest 0.1mg. After weighing, each filter is transferred to an aluminum dish conveniently labeled with the final filter weight and a filter ID number. The dishes are stacked in sleeves of 25 and packaged in hundred count boxes.

Environmental express  ProWeight filters

Standard Methods Approved (Since 1997) for:             


EPA Method

 Standard Method

Total Dissolved Solids



Total Suspended Solids



Volatile suspended solids



Total dissolved solids



Total suspended solids



Volatile suspended solids



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