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Quick and easy to start: the high-quality TFMTM-PTFE digestion vessels consist of only three components and can be opened and closed manually without the need for special tools.

The software offers a range of applications that are key in routine analysis, and can be

started by only two key presses.

Optimised for improved safety: if the rupture disc breaks, the integrated gas collection system safely collects all nascent gases

and discharges them without risk. Thanks to the constant evacuation of the oven chamber during operation, possible emissions are

effectively removed.

Ideal for use in routine analysis: the compact, secure construction and ease of operation make this a flexible laboratory tool. Efficient

and with high technical standards

Guarantee 12 month, including digestion vessel

Speedwave ENTRY

Especially in routine analysis, where large amounts of samples must be cost-effectively digested within tight time frames, there is a demand for microwave digestion systems that don’t need a lot of accessories.

Speedwave Entry perfectly matches with these requirements. By concentrating on what’s important, the system enables the best digestion results with the greatest possible safety

Magnetron power

1,000 W (DAP-60K: 100 W per digestion vessel)


Colored, multi-language touch screen


USB, RS-232

Pressure control

Excess pressure protection by rupture disc

Temperature measurement

Patented DIRC thermometer

Vessel material

Isostatically molded TFMTM-PTFE, Quartz

Vessel types

DAP-60K: 60 ml capacity, 40 bar (580 psi)DAQ-10: 10 ml capacity, 75 bar (1,090 psi)

Highest degree of safety with SafePrep concept and convenient handling due to the swing top cover with electronic lid locking.

The use of two magnetrons of a total of 2 kW power and a continuous power control, coupled to a real time optical reaction control give you a very performing and safe digestions.

For special application or large numbers of samples, the touch screen controller give you a top experience in user friendly  systems especially with the integrated applications database,  covering most of all kind of applications you may need.

All these features are packed in a compact  long lasting stainless steel housing with PFA coating,  with ultra low noise specific power controlled venting system, to prevents emissions and corrosion.

The Speedway Xpert is really the best and safest instrument you can ever imagine in your Lab !

Suitable pressure vessels for every application:

DAP-40+ digestion vessels for a high flow rate of samples in foodstuff, environmental and medical analytics.

DAP-30+ small-capacity vessel for the digestion of inorganic samples

DAP-60+ | DAP-100+ standard vessels for a wide range of environmental, foodstuff and inorganic samples such as those involving oxides, metals and alloys

DAK-100/4 high pressure vessels for difficult to digest inorganic samples and polymers as well as high samples weights or organic material for food and pharmaceutical industry

Magnetron power

1450 W (DAP-60+: 121 W per digestion vessel)


2450 MHz

Power control

Continiously  from 0 to 100%

Weight/ Dimensions

Basic unit approx. 65 kg / 530 x 630 x 420 mm (w x d x h)

Control unit: approx. 3 kg / 220 x 240 x 150 mm (w x d x h)

Oven diameter

Circular microwave oven for homogeneous distribution of microwaves

Uniform heating of all samples .Approx. 25 L / (d x h) 360 x 250 mm


90 μm PFA (fired at least 350°C)

Internal diagnostics

 Magnetron status, magnetron temperature, oven temperature,

high voltage transformer, lid block

Noise level

 < 60 dB


Colored, multi-language touch screen


USB, RS-232, ethernet

Pressure control

Patented OPC sensor for individual pressure measurement in each single digestion vessel,measurement range 0-100 bar, accuracy < 5 bar (depending on vessel type)

Temperature measurement

Patented DIRC thermometer for individual temperature measurement in each single digestion vessel,

measurement range 50-260°C, 1°C precision at 200°C

Vessel material

Isostatically molded TFMTM-PTFE

Vessel types

DAP-40+: 40 mL, 40 bar (580 psi), 24 vessels per turntable

DAP-30+: 30 mL capacity, 80 bar (1,160 psi), 12 vessels per turntable

DAP-60+: 60 mL capacity, 40 bar (580 psi), 12 vessels per turntable

DAP-100+: 100 mL capacity, 40 bar (580 psi), 12 vessels per turntable

DAK-100/4: 100 mL, 100 bar (1,450 psi), 8 vessels per turntable

Speedway Xpert

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